About me and my store

Hey Everyone!

     Let me start off by introducing myself, Jenny Rosas or Jen. Born and Raised in Miami, Florida. Inspired to become an entrepreneur. I love to create, make people happy, and like almost anyone else; be my own boss. 

     Jen's Designs Miami was only and idea about a year ago. I knew that I was good at handcrafted projects like jewelry and decorations. Now the question was, how will I put all of this to good use? That is when Jen's Designs Miami came to be. All my products are hand made by me, no vendors or second hand products. All my pieces are made with high quality products bought by me. As i said before, I love to create beautiful pieces that will last for years to come. All I can hope for is that all of you enjoy the pieces I have created. Along with my ready made pieces, I also offer Custom Orders. With my Custom order option you will be able to choose colors, design, length, whatever you may like delivered right to your door. Great thing about this option as well is that it will be one of it's kind, I will NOT repeat your design and you will truly have the one and only piece. 

     I want to be an inspiration for my children, my family, and simply anyone with a dream or a simple concept. To always show them that you should reach for the stars and not to settle. Everyone has their own gift and their own talents, how would you know if you'll succeed or not if you don't try?

     Thank you to all my supporters and to all of you for simply being here, I truly hope you enjoy your experience.

                                                                                                   Lots of love,


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